From the Secret Sommelier

Back in 2014, Word of mouth led us to discovering the sensational wines of de la Terre. Being a Sommelier for a high-profile restaurant in the UK, opportunities like this do not pass by easily. Without a doubt, we clearly had to visit!

Then, having tasted the entire de la terre range with the winemaker, Tony Prichard, I can only say that our minds were blown away by the quality of his wines. I’m talking about the wow factor that has a lasting impression.

From the Secret Sommelier

My wife had to come and find me after hours of tasting and fed us Pizza, made by Tony’s wife Kaye.

We could then power on with tasting more wines and continue analysing and discussing every aspect of how each was made.

Morning passed, then the afternoon flew by and although Tony, Kaye and Gracie are the most hospitable hosts we did not want to overstay our welcome.

We left the winery with a feeling of euphoria having inherited a fraction of Tony’s profound knowledge of the synergy between his soils, vines and wine making techniques.

Offering only the very best at all times.

With regards to the quality of raw material and offering only the very best at all times, the passion I see in Tony is the same as I see in Tom Lowes who has now made it possible for these wines to enter the UK exclusively.

The synergy between the three of us and our passion for great wines means that for the first time in the UK we can now send you a selection of these awesome wines.

When I close my eyes now, I can still “taste” the 2013 Reserve Chardonnay that Tony generously poured.