At Synergy Wines we have a focus, a devotion not just to quality, but to wines that have a personality. Wines that were born rather than manufactured.

That mission is what led us to Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and to de la Terre. Tony and Kaye Prichard’s self-built earth-brick winery is a family enterprise and a labour of love. It is a literally ‘down to earth’ response to commercialised winemaking, emanating from Tony’s three decades of experience in the wine industry of the region.

His rejection of the increasing industrialisation of wine is what took him back towards the earth.

It makes de la Terre’s wines members of the family.

Synergy Wines Vineyard

A “quirky” range of grape varieties are grown in the same earth from which the winery was made.

This nurtures high quality fruit and in turn, wines of quality and character.

It is that character that quickly captured the imagination of some of the most discerning sommeliers in the UK when Synergy first brought de la Terre wines from their birthplace on the other side of the world.

In five hectares of Hawkes Bay vineyards, a deliberately limited but very versatile range of grape varieties enable an entirely hands-on approach to crafting exceptional Chardonnay, Viognier, Barbera, Syrah, Montepulciano and Tannat wines. Their uniqueness extends to a Chardonnay-Viognier blend called Gracie, named in honour of the Prichard family dog, who is an integral member of the de la Terre team.

From simple fruit-driven table wines to distinguished barrel-fermented Chardonnays, with all reserve bottles individually numbered by hand, the Prichards’ devotion to hand-crafting applies to every stage of the de la Terre winemaking process. From fruit picking and gentle handling through hand-pressing, with nothing ever rushed, the integrity of the grape is retained all the way from the vine to hand-labelled end product.

de la Terre Wines
  • de la Terre Wines
  • de la Terre Wines
  • de la Terre Wines

Our own heritage lies in fruit.

A background in New Zealand apples initially brought us together with Tony.

We understand that without fine fruit there can be no fine wines. Our name reflects an appreciation that an unbroken line from soil, through fruit, to the crafting of wines is what makes and keeps them consistently special. It is a synergy you can taste.

Developing from the de la terre ethos, there will also be de la vigne ranges from Synergy Wines, from other New Zealand regions and from further afield. They will all retain the common thread of dedication to personally grown and crafted wines, all the way from the earth to the glass.